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Samuel Meredith NPRD 2015

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

For those who I haven't met yet, my name is Samuel Meredith.

I would firstly like to thank Police Legacy for inviting me to speak today on behalf of my brothers, Brad and Jordy, and my sisters, Lily and Abbey.

My Dad, Sergeant Brett Meredith, was simply the best Dad in the world. Before we moved to the Northern Territory, both Mum and Dad were in the NSW Police Force. Dad worked in the Dog Unit and I used to play with all the dogs that he brought home.

Dad was in the NSW Police Force for 18 years, serving at many places such as Burwood, Hilston and Nambucca Heads, as well as the training college at Goulburn where he met my Mum.

We moved to the Northern Territory in 2008 when my sister, Abbey, was only a baby. Both Mum and Dad worked at Palmerston before we moved to Katherine.

I don't remember too much about Katherine but I do remember wrestling with Dad in the back yard, I remember having walkie talkies where Dad would sit on one side of the house and I would sit on the other side and we would talk to each other. I also remember watching music on the TV and we would dance to it.

That's about all I remember. Dad died when I was 5.

Ever since Dad died Mum has been helped by Police Legacy. I know that Legacy helps Mum pay for our school camps and also some awesome birthday presents. Next year I will be in Year 6 and we are going on a study tour to Singapore. I know that Police Legacy will help Mum pay for this and I say thank you for that.

This year my brother Jordy went on his first school camp to Knuckey Lagoon. He also went rock climbing and absolutely loved it. Abbey is going on her first one next year and I know she will have fun.

Although I don't want to be a police officer when I grow up, I do want to be a Soldier in the Army. I know that my Dad will be proud of me. He was in the Navy before the Police a Force so it's kind of the same thing.

I hope that one day I can walk the Kokoda trek, just like Mum did, and also ride a motorbike to Canberra. That is if Mum lets me! Until then, I'll just keep helping to sell the sausages at the fundraisers.

Even though my Dad is not here, I know that he is watching over all of us and loves us very much. We are a very happy family and thank you to Police Legacy for everything that you do.