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Thank you, ‘Amazing experience and opportunity’ Ruby Huitson

I just wanted to send my thanks for the financial assistance I received regarding my Public Health Study Tour in Indonesia. This was an amazing experience, opportunity and education benefit. Please send on my thanks to the NT Police Legacy Board and NT Police Membership. Ruby Huitson

NSW/NT Police Legacy Kokoda Trek fundraiser 2019

Thank you so much to the people that have shared and donated to the Making a difference – Police Legacy Kokoda Trek fundraiser ????
NT Police Legacy have been so supportive and helpful to my Mum and sister and myself over the years. They are an amazing organisation that rely largely on donations to help children and families like mine whose loved ones have passed whilst serving in the Northern Territory Police Force.
The fact that you guys are supporting me in doing that really means something to me.
Thank you, Taylor Matthews

Demi Cubillo – THANK YOU

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible opportunity given to me over the past 5 years in enabling me to complete a Degree in Early Childhood teaching. I have secured a job at Wulagi Primary School for 2018. Without your help I would not have been able to complete this degree and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity you have given me. Tony Fuller our NTPL Legator, has become part of my Family now and being part of NT Police Legacy we are now part of a bigger family. I have felt looked after and cared for by you. Thanks again for all your time effort and money to get me where I am today, It is truly a blessing.

Demi Cubillo

Kokoda 2017 – Ruby Huitson

“I cannot express enough gratitude to all those involved in Northern Territory Police Legacy. Those who continue to donate and raise awareness have provided me with this incredible opportunity. When the opportunity presents itself, I encourage younger legatees to take part in this challenging, yet rewarding journey”

Thank You, Ruby Huitson!

Tony Fuller – Payroll Deduction to NT Police Legacy – Paying a gift forward!

“My message is don’t think of your payroll deduction to NT Police Legacy as just another deduction, or a donation, think of it as paying a gift forward to our wider NT Police Family and pray your family never needs it, but be comfortable in the knowledge that if it is needed, the support will be there.”

Lisa Huitson – Thank you to generous members who contribute to NT Police Legacy

“At this point, I need to thank NT Police Legacy for their ongoing assistance with education costs for Joseph and Ruby. I could not have done it without their help. Thank you to those generous members who contribute fortnightly.”

Abby Cubillo

“During my trip to Geelong for the Under 16’s National Basketball Championship I learned a lot from the experience and also bettered myself as a player. I would not have been able to have this experience without the NT Police Legacy’s help. Thankyou very much for providing assistance with me being able to compete at this tournament.”

Tania and Steve Powell

“We just wanted to extend a huge Thank you to you and the NT Police Legacy Board for the consideration of school fees for Brad and Lily. Without your kind contributions Brad and Lily may not have had the opportunity to attend such a great and caring school such as CHCCS.”

Samuel Meredith – Quiz night fundraising event Kokoda 2015

“Northern Territory Police Legacy helps my Mum to pay for things like our school, our Birthday presents and special activities like my school camp. I had so much fun on camp this year with my friends.”


Northern Territory Police Legacy is a self supporting not for profit Incorporated Association which has been operating since 1991.

Northern Territory Police Legacy has a Constitution and is managed and directed by a Board of Management. The Board comprises four representatives nominated by the Northern Territory Police Association, a representative nominated by the Commissioner of Police, a representative nominated by the Minister for Police and a representative nominated by the Retired Police Association of the NT.

The scheme is funded by the donations paid by members of the Northern Territory Police Force and members of the public who kindly donate to help the Northern Territory Police Legacy support our Legatees.

Northern Territory Police Legacy aims to offer personal and/or financial assistance to surviving spouses and dependants of deceased Members who were serving or retired Northern Territory Police Officers.

The scheme assures families that there is an organisation prepared to assist them with their emotional, financial, education and welfare needs.



Meredith Children at the Beach





National Police Remembrance Day March





Kokoda Trek 2015 100 years Commemoration – Lisa Huitson





Ian Bradford Memorial 2014





Glen Huitson 15th Anniversary Commemoration 3-8-2014





Abby Cubillo ‘Gold Medalalist’ U17 World Championships with Australia’s Sapphire





Wall to Wall ‘Ride for Remembrance’ 2016





Legatee Liam Riley – Kokoda 2016





Lily Meredith – at Pony Club Activity 2016





Sophie Bradford-NPM located Grandfathers touchstone Det Ser. Ian Graham Bradford





Meredith Children 2016 – enjoying their Sporting choice





Kokoda 2017 75th anniversary Kokoda campaign – Ruby Huitson





Cubillo Family – recent reunion





Abby Cubillo Canberra June 2018





Kokoda Bomana War Cemetery 25 April 2018





2018 Kokoda Treckers – Joe Huitson, Vicki Richardson & Kiim Parnell





2018 Kokoda Treckers – Joe Huitson, Vicki Richardson & Kiim Parnell





NT – 2017 NPM Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance





Thank you NSW and NT Police Legacy & Our Spirit – I was very lucky to learn about the impact that our Aboriginal Australian diggers made during the Kokoda Trail campaign – Taylor Matthews





Financial assistance received to attend Public Health Study Tour in Indonesia… provided ‘Amazing experience and opportunity’…. Completes 1 subject for semester 2/2020…. allowing more time to study other subjects and working. Thank you, Ruby Huitson




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