About Us

Policing is an incredibly valued service, and the NT Police Legacy scheme assures our families that there is an organisation prepared to assist them with their emotional, financial, education and welfare needs should anything happen to their loved ones in the line of duty, whilst serving or retired.

At NT Police Legacy, we understand that when the emotional trauma of the death and funeral of a loved one has abated, the surviving partner is left to face significant decisions that affect the financial future of the whole family. Surviving partners and children have suffered an enormous personal and emotional loss. Their areas of need are as varied as the people themselves.



A NT Police Legacy ‘Legator‘ is appointed by the Board of Management for each NT Police Legacy Legatee Family. The Board channels advice, assistance and information via the NT Police Legacy Legator to the NT Police Legacy family. The NT Police Legacy Legator communicates to the Board any difficulties being experienced by the family.

  • By far the greatest annual expenditure covers the ‘Educational Grants’ we provide for all NT Police Legacy Legatee children ranging from pre-school to the end of their tertiary education, including apprenticeships and TAFE opportunities.
  • Annual ‘Field of Excellence Grants’ are also available
  • NT Police Legacy will consider exceptional requests for assistance on an ex-gratia payment basis
  • We organise an annual National Police Remembrance Day Luncheon for the NT Police Legacy Legatees
  • Promote and support the annual ‘Kokoda Trek’ for the over 18 year old NT Police Legacy Legatees
  • Each child receives both a Birthday and Christmas gift up to the age of 18 years


Educational Grants

NT Police Legacy contributes towards Education Fees for Children who are either in pre-school, primary or secondary school. The annual Education grants contribute towards the cost of school fees, text books, excursions and uniforms.

An NT Police Legacy Legatee (up to 25 years of age), who is in tertiary education (whether part time or full time) or serving an apprenticeship, is entitled to claim the fees of that institution upon receipt of the account for the fees.

Annual Field of Excellence Grants

All NT Police Legacy Legatees can apply for an Annual Grant (in the field of excellence). There is a cap of $5,000 per calendar year for each NT Police Legacy Legatee family where the Grant is awarded. The NT Police Legacy Legatee must display an excellence or exhibit an aptitude in a particular field including but not limited to Arts, Fine Arts, Business, Education, Sport or Industry.

Kokoda Trek

In 2006, twenty four NSW Police Officers walked the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea. They were joined by six NSW Police Legacy Legatees for an incredible experience and so began an annual tradition. The trek is traditionally organised by a committee of NSW Police Officers, who in 2014 extended an invitation to NT Police Legacy Legatees the opportunity to participate in this life changing experience.

This opportunity is available to NT Police Legacy Legatee applicants between 18 and 25 years old, of good health and who are willing to participate on what is no doubt a challenging yet rewarding experience.