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- Kokoda 2019 - 'Doing this walk in memory of my Father' Taylor Matthews


I am honoured to have been selected to participate in this years Kokoda Trek supported by the NT Police Legacy joining the NSW Police Legacy group. 

I am doing this walk in memory of my Father who served on the NT Police Force before tragically taking his own life when I was 12 years old. 

I have been in training which has been kindly supported by Pauline and Craig, along with the early mornings, steps and bush chooks, and did I mention the steps!  

We have been fundraising for this trip and to enable the NT Police Legacy to continue to doing the amazing work that they do. The money raised will ensure that the Kokoda Trek opportunity can continue and be offered to other Police Legatees like me. Without the NT Police Legacy I would never have had the opportunity to have a crack at this very challenging yet rewarding trek.

So please help me to help this amazing organisation and the work that they do.

Taylor Matthews

From one of my Mentor's - Pauline Setter

As most of you know, supporting Police Legatees to undertake the Kokoda Trek is something I have been involved in over the last few years. Every year I have encountered amazing young resilient people who have met this challenge with positive attitudes and respect for those diggers who have gone before. This year I have been training with another of these young persons and in two weeks she will be undertaking the trek alongside NSW, AFP, WA and SA Police Legatees and officers. She is raising money towards future NT Police Legatees also having this opportunity so I ask if you would like to support Taylor and future NT Police Legatees, please copy and paste the link below.








- 2018 Annual General Meeting of NT Police Legacy

The NT Police Legacy Police Legacy Annual General Meeting was held on November 14 November 2018. The Board’s primary responsibility is to manage NT Police Legacy’s resources judiciously in order to ensure it can meet the ongoing needs of the NT Police Legacy Legatees. 

Each of our Board Members volunteer their time and energy with no reward or benefit.

This meeting welcomed three new Members to the Board of Management.

We offer our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr John Wolthers, Senior Constable Pauline Setter and Superintendent Rob Farmer for their individual and collective contributions and support to the NT Police Legacy Inc.

We welcome to the Board of Management Mrs Sarah Gotch, Detective Senior Constable Joanna Kolodziej and Mr Ken Dwyer.  Sarah and Joanna are NT Police Association representatives and Ken is the Retired Police Association of the NT representative to the NTPL Board of Management.






- Taylor Matthews in training - 2019 NT Police Legacy Kokoda Trek!

Taylor Matthews has been the successful applicant as the NT Police Legacy 2019 Kokoda Trek.  The Trek will be between 14 and 26 April 2019.  NSW Police Legacy has kindly invited the participation of NTPL Legatees since 2013 to travel the journey and be part of the bigger Police Legacy Family.

“I wouldn’t have dreamed this possible until NT Police Legacy has given me this wonderful opportunity.  I actually got excited about the idea in my head after attending the NT Police Legacy National Remembrance Day Luncheon this year where I got to speak to other people who had been on the Trek.  The participants who had completed the Kokoda Trek and the NTPL Board Members really encouraged me and convinced me that I could do it."

Taylor is the eldest Daughter of ACPO Reg. No 7180 Thomas Bruce Matthews (06/03/74-30/10/2007). Thomas joined the NT Police Force in 2001 and was an ACPO stationed at Daly River Community.



- NT Police Golf Club - $10,000 donation from Golf Day 2018!

NT Police Legacy received today the 'donation of $10,000 from the NT Police Charity Golf Day' held on Friday 3rd August 2018 at Palmerston Golf Club.

'THANK YOU NT POLICE GOLF CLUB' your donation is received with many thanks; - All donations to NT Police Legacy are greatly appreciated as they contribute in providing vital assistance to the dependents of deceased members of the Northern Territory Police Force



- Nightcliff Community Bank - 2nd Birthday donates $1000 to NT Police Legacy

Northern Territory Police Legacy were the recipients of a $1,000 donation from the Nightcliff Community Bank,  as a part of their recent 2nd birthday celebrations.

NTPL is very appreciative and grateful for the donation as it will contribute to providing vital assistance to the dependants of deceased members of the Northern Territory Police force.



- 2018 Josepth Huitson - Police Legacy Kokoda Adventure

The dust has settled since returning from Papua New Guinea, where I and an incredible group of individuals undertook the Kokoda Trail. Whilst it was intense and gruelling at times, it was one of the most rewarding  experiences I have had to date. Aidan Grimes of ‘Our Spirit Adventures’ was exceptional as a leader and as an educator. There was a lot to be learnt with regard to the sacrifice made by our soldiers.








- 2018 Inaugural 'Remembering Mates' Century Bike Ride


This is the inaugural Remembering Mates - Century Bike Ride. It is a charity bicycle ride involving riders from all over Australia.

The purpose of the event is to

  • raise funds for charity, our chosen charity is Northern Territory Police Legacy
  • raise awareness of bicycle safety and importantly
  • to remember police colleagues who have been killed in the line of duty
  • Local Fundraising for NT Police Legacy can be found at: https://centurybikeride.gofundraise.com.au/page/JamesOBrien0

Key Information


When: 0630hrs for a 0700hrs roll off Sunday, 16 September 2018

Start: 0630-0700hrs (photos) Police Memorial Wall 0700hrs (roll off)

Start/Finish: Cenotaph Carpark, Esplanade, Darwin

Distance: 50km approx.

Speed: This is a “no drop” ride (as fast as the slowest rider!)


To enquire, participate, see route and map please read more.....




- Police Legacy - National Conference 2018 - Brisbane

The Police Legacy National Conference was held in Brisbane this year.  It was attended by delegates from SA, WA, QLD, NSW, NT and AFP Police Legacies.  Also in attendance were delegates from the RPNGC Legacy and proposed Tasmanian Police Legacy as observers.  






- 2018 Joe Huitson - NSW/NT Police Legacy Kokoda Adventure

The dust has settled since returning from Papua New Guinea, where I and an incredible group of individuals undertook the Kokoda Trail. Whilst it was intense and gruelling at times, it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date.










- 2018 - Walking the Kokoda Track is one of life's experiences!

NT Police Legacy is invited by NSW Police Legacy to accompany them on their annual Kokoda trek. This was the 8th year members of the NT Police family have attended.

Walking the Kokoda Track is one of life’s experiences. If you are injury free and committed to the training, then I recommend you nominate and see where that leads you....








- BJ and Miss B - 2017 NPM W2W NT LongRiders Cheque presentation

May 2018 - This afternoon Samuel (BJ)  Meredith and Bronte (Miss B ) Blackwell presented The Chair of NT Police Legacy Michael Murphy a cheque for $8,268.49! This was the money raised by the NT Longriders on last year’s National Police Memorial Wall2Wall ride, for 2017.








- 2017 National Police Legacy Conference - Darwin

Across the weekend 11-12 August Northern Territory Police Legacy hosted the 2017 National Police Legacy Conference in Darwin.

This was a great opportunity to continue our commitment for compassionate, continuous and long term support for the loved ones and families of those fallen officers who have given their lives over the years.



- Kokoda 2017- Ruby Huitson

'I cannot express enough gratitude to all those involved in Northern Territory Police Legacy. Those who continue to donate and raise awareness have provided me with this incredible opportunity. When the opportunity presents itself, I encourage younger NT Police Legacy Legatees to take part in this challenging, yet rewarding journey'



- National Police Remembrance Day 2016 - Canberra

This National Police Remembrance Day marked the 10th anniversary of the National Police Memorial on the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

The memorial honours more than 750 members of Australian police forces who have died in the line of duty since 1803.

Senior Constable First Class Michael Read; Who's name is one of seven which will now join those of other police officers who died doing their duty.

Despite the inclement weather, National Police Remembrance Day in Canberra was marked with an evening service, a parade and, oddly, random breath-testing.

Perhaps most importantly, it was a chance for police officers from all parts of Australia to gather and remember their friends who no longer stand shoulder to shoulder with them.





- 2016 Wall to Wall Police Ride for Remembrance


2016 is the 7th year of the Ride for Remembrance.

The 'Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance' is an opportunity to come together in the spirit of camaraderie to honour those killed in the line of duty, or who have died as a result of their duties, both on Australian soil and overseas.

The purpose of this event is to raise much needed funds for Police Legacies across the country. It also raises awareness of the fact that Police Officers put their lives on the line for us each day and sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy a safe and orderly society.

Families left behind need emotional, moral and financial support.

The riders gather on Saturday 17 September 2016 at the National Police Wall of Remembrance in Canberra to pay tribute to fallen officers.



NT Police Legacy from the 'Heart of a NT Police Legacy Legator'

'Like most in the Police Force I contribute to NT Police Legacy each pay, and as I said earlier, not fully comprehending what I was really contributing too. I never expected that it would have such an impact on me or my relationship with a fellow officer’s family the way it has.'....

This is part of a letter written by Tony Fuller of the NT Police Force as a NT Police Legacy Legator to Teri Cubillo and her Daughters Demi, Abby and Tyla.



- Abby Cubillo wins 2016 NT Junior Sportsperson of the Year

Congratulations to Abby Cubillo on winning the Northern Territory Junior Sportsperson of the Year for 2016 at the recent NT Sports awards night in Alice Springs.

The Northern Territory Sports awards aim to inspire and assist gifted sports persons reach their greatest potential and acknowledges Territory sport for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.




- Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance 2014

$400,000 has been raised by the Wall to Wall Riders over the past four years.  This year the ride raised $110,000 for Police Legacies around the country.  NT Police Legacy assists 24 Legatees.  More than 1,600 motorcycles took to the streets of the national capital for this year’s Wall to Wall Ride for Remembrance. The ride travelled through the heart of the city, passing around Parliament House and culminated at the National Police Memorial on the banks of Lake Burley Griffin.







- Samuel Meredith NPRD 2015

'Ever since Dad died Mum has been helped by Police Legacy. I know that Legacy helps Mum pay for our school camps and also some awesome birthday presents. Next year I will be in Year 6 and we are going on a study tour to Singapore. I know that Police Legacy will help Mum pay for this and I say thank you for that'







- National Police Remembrance Day 2015

National Police Remembrance Day is celebrated on the Patron Saint of Police's special day - St Michael's Day.

The 29th of September each year is a poignant reminder for us all, of the sacrifice and service that men and women in Police forces around Australia and the Pacific provide to our community. This day is a sad reminder of the sacrifice that men and women and their families make day in day out around Australia in a selfless and humble manner to serve and protect others.



- Hiking Kokoda

Walking the Kokoda Track, in the footsteps of the

soldiers, who fought to save Australia from invasion

in 1942, is an almost spiritual experience and one that

will stay with me forever. I hold enormous gratitude

and respect for the Diggers who endured such

hardship and sacrifice in the Kokoda Campaign of

World War 2.



Liam RILEY - Letter of thanks to NT Police Legacy

A few days ago I completed a life changing journey that would test every fibre of my being but leave me a changed individual.

For nine days I walked in the footsteps of those who came before me, many of which who never came back to their loved ones who’s tales of courage, blood and sacrifice meant I could enjoy the freedom to carry on their stories for future generations....

This is part of a letter from Liam Riley following the completion of the 2016 NSW Police Legacy Anzac Day Trek being sponsored by NT Police Legacy.

Liam represented the Northern Territory Police Legacy, with approximately 50 participants alongside NSW and NT Police Fire and Ambulance Officers, as well as NSW Police Legatees.

Please read more for Liam Riley's full letter....



- Wall to Wall 'Ride for Remembrance' 2015

The 'Wall to Wall' ride celebrates and remembers those officers that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and given their lives on duty

In September 2015, 2,066 riders participated nationally in the Wall to Wall - Ride for Remembrance.  With 500 registered riders in the inaugural year of 2010, each year the event has steadily grown.