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National Police Remembrance Day 2015

National Police Remembrance Day is celebrated on the Patron Saint of Police's special day - St Michael's Day.

The 29th of September each year is a poignant reminder for us all, of the sacrifice and service that men and women in Police forces around Australia and the Pacific provide to our community. This day is a sad reminder of the sacrifice that men and women and their families make day in day out around Australia in a selfless and humble manner to serve and protect others.

It is important that we remember those fallen officers who have given their lives over the years that we recognise those that are left behind, colleagues , families, friends and ordinary citizens who have been helped over the years.

Whilst a 'Police Force' is of itself a family, there are families within Police that need to be recognised for their support and their sacrifice in enabling police officers to serve and protect, whether they be parents husbands, wives or children. And on this National Police Remembrance Day we remember and celebrate them as well.

A very important part of the ongoing support of families to fallen police officers is Northern Territory Police Legacy.  NT Police Legacy embraces the camaraderie and unique bond shared across the police family and take pride in providing compassionate, continuous and long term support in the best interest of those whose care is needed.

As of September 2015, Northern Territory Police Legacy, which is relatively small in comparison to other jurisdictions, supports 47 families, of which 108 are adults and 24 are children across the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The Northern Territory Police Legacy relies heavily upon donations to support our families particularly with educational support, medical needs, gifts for their birthdays and Grants in a Field of Excellence to support NT Police Legacy Legatees requiring assistance to undertake special education programs, field trips or sporting trips and where a police legatee has shown special talent or skill.

Fundraising to support NT Police Legacy is important, and opportunities exist in the form of payroll giving, payroll deductions, donations such as the charity golf day which raised nearly thirty thousand dollars, The Kokoda Trek and the Wall 2 Wall Ride, of which we had 21 serving and retired officers representing the Northern Territory at the National Police Memorial in Canberra this year.

It is so important to look after each other and the important achievements of NT Police Legacy, to continue to help the families who have sacrificed a great deal to serve the Northern Territory Police Force and our community.