The annual Police Legacy National Conference has been held in Sydney this year, 4-6th August 2023, hosted by NSW Police Legacy, attended by all state & territory Police Legacies. NT Police Legacy was represented by board member Peter Dash.

At the National Conference respective Board Chairs and Representatives support and sign the ‘MOU – (Memorandum of Understanding)’ between the Police Legacies.  Despite that each state and territory is governed independently by separate constitutions, it is a good opportunity to share ideas, opportunities and challenges.

This collaboration between jurisdictions is of great benefit to the NT Police Legacy Families who live around Australia who offer joint support where possible. Our Families are living throughout Australia and access support from both SA and WA Police Legacies.

The National Conference will be held in Queensland in 2024.

National Police Legacy Conference – Managers, Secretaries and representatives

National Police Legacy Conference – Chairpersons and representatives