NTPL Annual General Meeting 2021

‘Northern Territory Police Legacy aims to offer personal and/or financial assistance to surviving spouses and dependants of deceased Members who were serving or retired Northern Territory Police Officers’


The Annual General Meeting of the Northern Territory Police Legacy Inc was held both locally and online for the first time this year. After some last minute C19 impedements we prevailed and the AGM was held Thursday 25 November 2021. Following our Annual General Meeting we acknowledge the;
Northern Territory Police Legacy – Board of Management
Mr Murray Smalpage (COP Nominee)
Mrs Kiim Parnell (NTPA Nominee)
Mr Bruce Payne (NTPA Nominee)
Ms Melinda Burnett (NTPA Nominee)
Ms Sandi-Lee Mellon (NTPA Nominee)
Mr Ken Dwyer (RPANT Nominee)
Ms Audrey Ko (NT Police Minister Nominee)


Congratulations on your continuation to the NT Police Legacy Board of Management.
Thank you to those who persevered with the last minute changes and facilitated your attendance.
Along with the challenges of 2021, we welcome the opportunity that has presented itself to provide access to the Northern Territory Police Legacy Inc Annual General Meeting and attend online, to all NT Police membership.
Should you wish to contact the NTPL Board of Management please email secretary@ntpolicelegacy.com.au